About us.

The (ISC)² chapter program provides members a forum to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, development of leadership and professional skills, and advancement of information systems security. It also provides its members with access to a variety of industry resource and educational programs to keep its members informed of the latest advances in technology and techniques.

The (ISC)² Croatia Chapter will provide information security professionals in the local community an opportunity to build a local network of peers to share knowledge, exchange ideas and earn CPEs. In addition, you will be able to:

develop or enhance your leadership skills by serving as an officer or chairing a committe
pursue speaking or writing opportunities for chapter functions or general public
collaborate with other local chapter organizations to develop synergy and share knowledge
advance security awareness within the local community, from children to senior citizens
mentor students as they pursue and enter the information security profession
The goals of the (ISC)2 Croatia Chapter are (a) the promotion of a networking of information security experts with (ISC)2 certifications; (b) holding events for the purposes described under point a and for exchanging / presenting new developments in the information security field; and (c) a communication between the international organization (ISC)2, the Chapters in other countries and the local Chapter.

Our members consist of (ISC)² credentialed professionals who hold either a SSCP, CAP, CSSLP, and/or a CISSP or advanced concentration certification. Our chapter program is focused on sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas among security professionals in the local area. Ultimately, we want to advance the field of information security by educating practitioners and the public at large on how to protect and defend against security threats.

Board Members

Biljana Cerin, Chapter president, ISC² Board of directors member

Edo Babić, Chapter Treasurer

Nebojša Mitrić, Membership Chair

Dobre Luka Lešić, Secretary


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